Interactive Children's Book Apps

Why interactive childrens' book apps?

At Meander Art our childrens' book apps hold all of the magic and enjoyment of reading the story in a print book. We work in association with PicPocket Books to bring quality stories and images that your children will love.

Our books can be enjoyed on both the iPad and iPhone.

Lynette Mattke, PicPocketBooks:

“We don’t see PicPocket Books as replacements for print books or the valuable time parents can spend reading to their children, but as educational and culturally valuable alternatives to video games or movies, especially for families on-the-go,” says Lynette Mattke, Co-founder and Publisher of PicPocket Books. “We publish titles as true-to-the-book as possible, using full-color illustrations, professionally recorded audio and interactive highlighting of words as the story is read. We encourage early literacy and instilling an early love of books and reading in children.”

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