Interactive Books

       Far to the North

Polar Bears learn to swim and play in the magical North! Written and illustrated by Gina Ricci. Narrated by Madeleine Ricci



    Splish! Splash! Splosh!

In this rainy day adventure Sophie and her cat Sam spend the day splashing in puddles and puddles galore! Written and illustrated by Gina Ricci. Narrated by Madeleine Ricci



Cats, bats, tricks and treats. Sophie and Sam have a magical Halloween! Written and illustrated by Gina Ricci Narrated by Madeleine Ricci

Snowflakes Are Falling


"Snowflakes Are Falling

Follow Sophie and Sam as they go out into the garden on a wintry day adventure. Playing in the snow and building a magical snowman. 

Beautifully narrated by Madeleine Ricci, accompanied by the lovely music of Kevin MacLeod. 

"Snowflakes are Falling" will leave you wishing for a snowy day so you can enjoy a mug of hot chocolate with mallows and whipped cream atop! 


cover - snowflakes with writing
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